Google calendar

I want to display my google calendar in the home remote. I have 3 different calendars which I want to display. Each single calendar I can integrate with the google url ...
But to displayall 3 calendars in one table I found only the possibility with
<iframe src=";
Is it possible to include the iframe in the home remote instead of the https link.
Hope some of you has an idea.

Another idea could be to include an android widget in the remote. Is there a possibility to do this?

Yes. Use the Html property instead of the Url. Leave the Url blank & copy your iframes into the Html editor window.

Hi Bill, thank you, it works.
Do you know if it’s possible and how to include an android widget which I have on my tablett in the remote? I want to avoid to switch between the android screen with the widget and the home remote.

That is not possible.