Grid Size Settings Tutorial

Below is an email exchange with Bill that I thought would be best served to be documented here for others to see.

Regarding grid size settings:
What is the difference between * and Auto?
What exactly is the behavior for a percentage, like .5*?
Does that use 50% of the remaining available space? Or 50% of the total space of the grid?

Hi Greg,

* is proportional relative to other columns. Auto will attempt to auto size based on content

.5* depends on the other columns. If you have 2 columns both at .5*, then yes, it is 50%. Because it’s a relative proportional value, if you have 2 columns both at .7*, again still both are at 50%. If you add a 3rd column that is a fixed size or Auto, then it the other 2 columns will fill the remaining available space, not total.

The Home Remote Grid operates exactly like the Microsoft WPF Grid, UWP Grid, WinUI Grid. It was modeled to work exactly like those. So any documentation on those Grids applies to the Home Remote Grid. There’s a fair amount of information online that you can find that will probably do a better job of explaining than me.

Here’s a few links I pulled up. I’m sure there are plenty more too.