GUI feature request

i would like to have this features in our HRD,
1- curved slider( for volume,temperature control,light intensity, etc it’ll bring a better looking in UI)

2- Different transmission for pages&canvas
eg: pressing a button into Openpage/Gotopage,
transmission moves = page opening from top/left/right/bottom/intensity 0-100 to full screen…(including transmission time delay)
3- additional property for button,label,canvas etc… ‘shadow’(thickness and distance)it’ll bring more realistic experience.
4- live/moving/animated single background for all pages.
5- HRP file ‘loading’ option
eg: computer hosting the HRP, at the same time the android/ ios device receiving the file ( transmitting the HRP data through internet or LAN)(i am not mean by file transfer like Bluetooth/wifi/SD card copy)
(if anybody used the commandfusion GUI designer, they can easily understand what i am saying…)

  1. Agreed- Would love to see more properties and tweaks for sliders in general. Like width of the indicator bar, color adjust (above/below thumb). Improve use with (vertical) sliders in a scrollviewer. A round slider would be awesome.

  2. You can make page transitions happen using property setters in EventTriggers. Not easy and it takes some work! Personally, I use the Opacity property to have each page (using PageBrowsers) fade in. Understanding how the layout properties effects the layout is important. You can manipulate properties to have them “slide” in from side/top/bottom. I’ve done this before but prefer them fading in. Take a look at this example on how I transition pages with fading:JD_Layout_2021_1_6.hrp (1.6 MB)

  3. Would be much easier than using Photoshop for sure! Most people find or create buttons/backgrounds that make extraordinary UIs.

  4. Yes! Would love to see more animated “things”. IMO, the best way would be to be able to load several images that can cycle through (a loop w/adjustable speed). That’s how its done on commercial building management systems. You can make short animations using EventTriggers (ie:when you press a button) but not with DataTriggers (ie:when a device changes state). Its something I wish we could do. Here’s an example of some animations I made for fun:animations.hrp (2.8 MB)

  5. Not sure I understand exactly what you mean. You can publish your hrp to an FTP server. When The Home Remote App is started, it looks to the FTP server and checks the time stamp for a newer version of the hrp. If it is newer, it pulls it in and uses it. I have my ftp server setup on a Synology NAS and it works well. Win10 has an ftp server built in so you could use a pc if you want.

Wow!!! that’s great. i love that animations and page transmission you’ve done. but it take some works as you said :grinning: