GUI interface for Ipad?

I am looking for a GUI type interface for the IPAD and Broadlink RM4 Pro. So far no luck. Spent over 4 hours looking. There used to be a Home Remote Designer but it no longer seems to work.

I have no problem With the designer. What is the problem? Are you using the correct resolution?

I’ve been using HR for years on an iPad mini. Best to load the designer on a computer, then transfer to iPad. I use OneDrive for that.

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Everything is “ghosted”.

I am attempting to run it on a Windows 11 PC to start but everything is “Ghosted”. I deleted the program and downloaded it again. Same thing. I know I did a quick test a year ago and it worked. P.S. I have Wi-Fi on my router but NOT on my PC, yet. I ordered a Wi-Fi dongle and maybe that is the issue? Well I added Wi-Fi to my PC on the same 2.4GHZ network and still no luck.