Harmony Replacement

So I have been a Harmony user for years and now that I am upgrading my devices I have more and more devices that aren’t there now.
So I am looking for something like Control4 or Creston without the need of a installer.

When looking at HomeRemote I am not seeing my devices. Can they be added and can I setup routines or actions like the Harmony?

my devices range from the following
HDFury Vrroom
Xbox series x
JVC projector

I am open to a whole new remote hardware to replace Harmony or even a smart app for a Tablet.



A Global Cache IR blaster can do this. My The Home Remote tablet (an Android tablet with The Home Remote software) controls my TV, Blue-Ray player, Receiver, Led bar, Curtains etc. Global Cache has complete databases with IR codes or the module can learn the code from existing IR remotes (a bit fiddly, but it works). There’s even a small tool that converts Pronto Hex codes to Global Cache codes.

I have the IP2IR wired Ethernet module and it very responsive and fast. Two IR LED’s from a bunch of old remotes on the wall give a very strong signal.