Has anyone heard from Bill?

I messaged him almost 3 months ago (non-product question) and haven’t heard back.

Cannot lie - am kinda worried.

(for the sake of his privacy, please don’t post anything that should be kept private)

Yes, I did speak to him when I saw someone post that the app was not compatible with their android 12 device. This is the beginning of the end in my previous experience and I was freaking out. I messaged him and he said he would fix the problem.

I have experienced non-responses from him as well. I guess he is just responding to certain messages, or at certain times.

Bill now works fulltime for another company (just look at LinkedIn), so I guess work on this project is on hold.

@RedGrant - That has been the case for over two years. Sure - time to develop might be scarce, but I would have figured he’d still respond to non-technical messages. Thus my concern for his well-being.