Help with Page Brower - Initial Page Still Shows

I’m inspired by several implementations like nodakguy and others. I decided to rewrite my THR system. I use it on Windows. (Maybe iPad in the future)
Hoping someone can help me with this Page Browser functionality. For some unknown reason to me after much research and trial and error, I’m still stuck. I wanted to have a set of buttons that call another page with a set of buttons. Like a menu tree of what you want to do (i.e watch a move, listen to audio, etc). I’m trying to use a Page Browser to call the options pages and ultimately my controller pages but currently the first button does go away. It calls the target page and opens it in the page browser but the first button overlays the page being called. What am I missing? I’ve tried all sorts of re-arrangement of my grids, buttons, page browser but no change. Attaching my HRP file for your review if anyone has a few minutes.

Thank you so much in advance,
4DTheater_Help.hrp (2.6 MB)

Hi Mark! I’ve taken a look at your project, and I’d like to offer two comments, one near-term and another long-term. Near-term, I’m attaching a modified version of your project which fixes your button “persistence” issue. I added a DataTrigger to your WatchOptionsButton that tests your PageBrowser (CenterStage) for Page Value = Options_Movies.xaml. This test will evaluate to TRUE, because the EventTrigger Action immediately prior selects this page. Since the DataTrigger fires, Setter forces the button to become invisible. You will have to design the logic to make the WatchOptionsButton visible again as the situation requires. Long-term, I’d ask you to consider the following. Currently, your WatchOptionsButton is NOT attached to a Page. Rather, it is simply a resident on your MasterGrid, independent of any Page “swaps” into/out of the PageBrowser. If you want it to swap as part of a Page, you might consider attaching it to some sort of “Initial.xaml” page. In my home theater design, the “Standby.xaml” page serves that function. Regards,Terry.
4DTheater_Help_V2.hrp (2.6 MB)

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Hi Terry!
Thank you so much! Really appreciate you taking the time to help me here. I’ll review further and try it out after work today! The long term is where I want to be now. :slight_smile: I’ll definitely be looking at doing this!

Your design was the one that really inspired me to re-do mine. Thank you! I’ll study your home_theater.hrp more.

Might come back if more questions on the page browser stuff here.

Thanks again,