Help with Temperature monitoring

Hi…looking for some help please…

basic setup; Home Remote is successfully using Vera as a hub to all my devices. All devices in Vera are connected and working correctly.

In Vera,I have two different types of Thermostat devices - I have ZWAVE Radiator valves and I have Heatmiser underfloor heating controls. Both work fine, but note that the Heatmiser devices are using a home made plugin.

In Home Remote, both types of device are reporting all the stats correctly… current temp, heating and cooling set points and mode control all work fine.

But - the adjustments to Set Points DO NOT work on the Heatmiser devices. The Home Remote error thrown is; “Response Status Code does not indicate success…(501 Error)”

The adjustments to heating and cooling set points DO work on the ZWave devices.

So, here’s my question - how do I debug this? Is there a mapping between the Home Remote Capabilities and the variables in the Vera device? And if so, where is the mapping and how do I edit it…? Is it (probably) the case that there is some missing code in my “home made” plugin that exposes these controls to Home Remote, and how do I find out what?

Anyone any experience here?


OK - I might have an inkling here…

It seems that the integration between Home Remote and Vera is picking up and controlling the two variables in the thermostats called SetpointHeat and SetpointCool… BUT, my heatmiser uses a variable called CurrentSetPoint…

So, is my question really…"how do I add a capability to retrieve and set the variable CurrentSetpoint ?


Changes to the ThermostatHeatingSetpoint capability uses 2 possible services when making setpoint adjustments.

  1. Heaters, devices of Category 5 & Subcategory 2, use the service “TemperatureSetpoint1”. Here is an example request:

  2. All other thermostats, devices of Category 5 & a Subcategory of anything BUT 2, use “TemperatureSetpoint1_Heat”. Here is an example request:

My guess is that one of these URLs will work for your Heatmiser devices. Try them both & find out which one does. Then edit the “Subcategory” on your device in Vera so that it will have the Home Remote send the appropriate request.

You’re a rock star Bill. I’ll try tonight and let you know how it goes.

Many thanks.

OK, news in…

The first link gave me this;
{ “u:SetCurrentSetpointResponse”: { “JobID”: “4” } }

the second link gave me this;
ERROR: No implementation

So, I think you are bang on…

BUT… I see that both types of devices (ZWave and Heatmiser) are on Category 5 Subcategory 1…

So… what do you suggest?

Great! My recommendation is to change the Heatmiser to Subcategory 2 in Vera.

OK… did that, and now all the Heatmiser devices show up in Vera as “Heaters”… so far so good.

BUT… nothing changed in HomeRemote… I still get the 501 error. I reloaded by project file…

Do I need to unload and load up the vera device again or something ?


I would try restarting the controller or cycling power to it.