High cpu load Fibaro Hc3

I created a quite simple dashboard to control light on my kitchen ( i’m a newbie and i’m learning).I have a wall mounted table and i activated always on screen. Now if Home Remote is active cpu load on Fibaro hc3 spikes near 100% with an average load of 50%. If i close application or turn off the screen ( i suppos this action suspend home remote application) load go down to average 20% and normal spikes due to zwave traffic.

Any Hint?

Test this in a new project. Don’t change any XAML files. Just add your HC3 & add your devices to the Home group. I want to take out any possibility this has something to do with a page you’ve designed.

Also, a better test would be to use the actual apps, not the simulator. There are a lot of extra resources & overhead that the Designer has, which the actual apps do not have.

Ok, but i have hig cpu load in actual app not with designer. I’ ll let you know

you forgot the project

Did you do as I suggested?

I want you to take everything else out of the equation. Start from scratch. Just add HC3 & nothing else. No custom XAML files, no other devices, etc. We need to determine exactly what is causing your issue.

sorry i misanderstood

Maybe it was me that misunderstood, are you saying the CPU load on the device running the Home Remote is high? Or the load on the HC3 controller itself is high?

I thought you were talking about the device the Home Remote is running on. If you are talking about the HC3 itself, then using a different project probably won’t make any difference.

Once every second the app polls the “/api/refreshStates” endpoint updating the “last” parameter on every call. This means the HC3 should only be returning the changes (if any) as they happen. The HC3 shouldn’t have to work that hard to handle that request. There should be very little processing required. If your HC3 CPU is maxing out over a simple refreshStates call you might have bigger issues.

Solved. I don’t know if is a bug in current firmware of hc3, but if you have a lot of concurrent call to hc3 api from browsers, apps, or simply browsing fibaro dashboard, hc3 spikes to 100% of cpu load, and stay 100% flat till you reboot or change ip address. Now i know that i can use 4 or 5 tablet with home remote, but then i can’t open more than 1 or 2 pages on fibaro web interface and create scene or log events. Maybe a problem in my system…actully i don’t know. Sorry for wasting you time, but first impression was that homeremote inactive-no high cpu load.

Tnx again

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