Home Assistant switch property read only?

Hello :wave:

I’m experimenting with the Home Assistant integration. HA has a media player device configured and can successfully turn on and off, and change inputs etc. If I create a toggle switch in Home Remote and bind the event and data triggers to the Media Player’s Switch attribute, the switch will correctly mirror the power state when control from directly within Home Assistant (i.e. turning the device on or off in HA is correctly reflected in the toggle switch state), but if I try to toggle the switch in Home Remote I get an Specified command is not supported error. Should I be able to toggle that switch from Home Remote, or are there some known limitations? I couldn’t find many docs on this, it’s very possible I missed some.


I’ve fixed this on my dev machine. It’ll be in the next 4.3.0 release.

For the time being you should use @Device.MediaCommand to turn the device on & off. It supports command values of PowerToggle, PowerOn, & PowerOff.

Thanks Bill! I’ll give MediaCommand a try in the mean time.