Home remote and SVG images

Can the image element in THR view vector images such as in svg file / formats?

If so can a plugin create a SVG element / file and load into the image element viewer?

It’s platform dependent. It really depends on the native Image view controls the platform provides. I know the UWP will display SVG files. I think the Android app will too. Simulator definitely will not & I don’t think the iOS UIImageView will display SVG files either.

OK, Will try that on my Android platform.
Is there any way that a created svg image in a plugin can be bind / loaded into the image element viewer ? Similar like a html file can bind to the web browser? Would be nice to have the plugin to use javascript to draw a svg vector image and view it as image element. Would make it possible to do real live data active icons and graphs…

The Image property on the ImageElement is bindable but the image has to exist in the Images folder. You cannot create an image on the fly. My recommendation would be to use the WebBrowser control instead & bind your SVG to to the HTML property.

Have tried this as part of a HTML file and it works just fine. Will not be a solution for active icons though but works for graphs. Would it make sense to add this as a feature request?

I suppose, but can you explain why you can’t do this with the WebBrowser control? That supports raw SVG data.

Good question, just assumed an image element would be more efficient but if the web browser are as efficient as the image element viewer your are right that the web browser is good enough and no need for svg in icon element.