Home Remote Designer thru VPN

I am just starting with Home Remote. I have VPN in place between my apartment and my country home. It all works just fine, all devices on both locations are visible. I have some smart home devices in my country home like Fibaro HC3, Hue, Netatmo, etc.

What I am right now trying to do is to run Home Remote from my apartment and manage smart home system in my weekend house. But the problem I am facing is the fact that Home Remote won’t work thru VPN, it only works if I am physically located in my country house.

Any specific configuration of VPN I need to make for this to work? Any port to open?


Are you able to ping your Fibaro HC3 through the VPN?

Yes, of course … I can easily access every device from both networks, no matter which network I am connected to. VPN works just fine … the only thing I can’t do is access devices on my country home network from my apartment using Home Remote.

I’ve got a good idea about what’s probably causing this. There’s some logic in there that’ll prevent connecting if it thinks the device is unreachable. Those rules don’t really account for various VPN possibilities. I’ve for the most part disabled that in the latest release but only the apps have received this update. Those changes haven’t been posted to the Designer yet but they will be in a few days.

Do the Home Remote Android & iOS apps, version 4.2.3, work with your VPN?

I have experienced the same with the Harmony plugin and IP cameras. The Harmony plugin is able to send commands etc. but just says status unknown. IP cameras just don’t work at all. This is only the case when I am on another network and VPN in, weirdly enough when I am on my cellular network and use my VPN everything works as expected.

@Pabla Did you read my reply? Is this still the case in 4.2.3?

Ah whoops read your reply as 4.2.3 has yet to be released, I will give this a try on another network and report back.

Hi Bill,
as I am now in my country house, I will test it on Monday and let you know if app works.


Hi Bill,
as you assumed, Android app works just fine, the only problem what doesn’t work is Designer. I do not have iPhone so I can’t check if app on iOS works as well.


Designer version 4.2.4 is now live. It has those updates that should allow you to connect through VPN.

Tested and using a VPN now works! Thanks Bill

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Hi Bill.
Unfortunately, no luck … it still does not work., When I try to add IP camera, I got message “Failed to connect to on port 80”. When I try to add Fibaro HC3, I got message “An error occurred while sending the request:”


It’s at least trying to connect now. In earlier versions it simply wouldn’t even attempt the connection. Go into Windows settings & see how many active network adapters you have on your machine. One of those could be causing issues for you. I will say, it’s suprising Google Chrome isn’t also having issues.

On the same PC, what happens when you open this URL with Google Chrome?

IP address belongs to Dahua camera, so i get 404 Page not found error.

IP address belongs to Fibaro HC3 and in Googler Chrome URL gives me the list of all devices in my HC3.

I’m not sure why it’s not working for you.

Hello Bill,
obviously it was something with my PC. Last week I reinstalled it completely, now everything works just fine.


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