Home Remote Pro License required

Hi Bill
I purchased the Android version years ago, no problems with that.
I’ve just purchased the Windows version to be able to control things from my computer.
Purchased and installed from the Microsoft Store, no problem.
Double click on .HRP file to load into new app.
App loads project (and works) but has the banner across the bottom that says ‘Click to purchase a “Home Remote Pro” License’. I click on this and get a popup that says ‘The HRP file you are using requires a “Home Remote Pro” License. All features are fully functional without a license; however, unlicensed apps will display the banner at the bottom. Once purchased, the banner will be removed.’

On the popup I have 2 options ‘Restore Purchase’ or ‘New Purchase’
If I click either button it takes me to a window to purchase it again? (obviously I’ve purchased it otherwise I can’t download and install it) and I don’t want to click on the buy button I’m presented with in case I’m charged again.

I then went to the MS store and installed the latest version of the Home Remote Designer as I was using version (now currently running version, opened and re-saved my .hrp file, double clicked on it to open this my new windows program, but still have the banner across the bottom.

Is there something else I need to do somewhere either in the Designer or is there settings in the app?


The PRO version is an In-App-Purchase configured in the stores as a 1 time purchase. Keep in mind, this is per account. If you are trying to install on a family members tablet you will need to make another purchase. The Home Remote does not track your purchase history. It queries the store to see if you have it or not. If you do not they will give you the option to buy it. These are managed 100% by the stores. There isn’t anything in your project that changes. They should not charge you 2x for the same item. If they do for some reason, reach out to them.

One common cause for this is installing the app on a device that has multiple accounts. My phone has both my personal & business Google accounts on it. When you install the app from Google Play, be sure you install from the same one that made the original purchase. So uninstall the app & then go to Google Play to reinstall it. Look at the icon in the top right corner to make sure that’s the same icon from the one that made the original purchase. Check your purchase history too. Click the hamburger/menu button, click Account, then scroll through your Purchase History.

I tried and clicked on the ‘Restore Purchase’ and it took me to the ‘buy’ page, so I clicked buy, and the banner went away. I then checked my Microsoft account and I’ve been charged twice, but for Home Remote and Home Remote Pro? There’s 2 different versions? In the MS store there’s Home Remote and Home Remote Designer only.

On Windows you do need to make 2 purchases: 1 for the initial Basic version install, then 1 for the Pro upgrade. You can’t buy a standalone PRO version. It’s an upgrade on all platforms. Notice that the Pro upgrade is a little cheaper on Windows because of the initial fee.

OK, that makes sense now.
2 purchases and I’m now in possession of the Pro version, the banner is gone and all is good.
Thanks for the clarity.