Home Remote Project Demo

I put together a rendition of this demo a while ago in the legacy days of Home Remote. I just got around to updating it for 3.0. The idea was to use as a demo with the hopes of collaborating with some integrators. The demo runs for around 9 minutes.



OMG. This is exquisite . I am absolutely inspired…honestly that is an understatement. I will be in over my head to start but I like a good challenge with high payout and if you have ever messed with remote master software, it’s learning curve is super steep and I got it down in a single weekend. Another with a super steep learning curve is software called RLauncher, it is middle ware for launching retro games and presenting its media in an extremely customizable and exquisite manner, I learned that in about a week’s time and the payoff was and is through the roof, so definitely call me inspired…just wow!

Thanks, I think you will pick it up, sounds like you are tech oriented. Like others have stated before there will be a time when it just.clicks. Check out the available videos some which are mine. I have been out of the loop here for a while since I sold my house and my whole system is packed away in several boxes until I start over in another house. Who knows maybe by that time it may be time for some updated equipment. Anyway we are here to help.

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Sorry for the delayed response, life, kids, work…hobby comes last. No complaints though.

I appreciate the link, I will be watching them to go to sleep to . :smiley:

That can be discouraging but the silver lining is you get to update equipment!

Thank you for the acknowledgment, I am tech obsessed to be exact but yeah, that is my favorite moment, when learning something new just clicks. That is when the REAL fun begins, it is like chasing a high. (hope that isn’t considered inappropriate, I will edit it if it is)