HomeRemote.Windows 10.exe Suspended [Solved] sort of

I am using a plugin onPoll event to handle a background timer. I noticed on my PC that the timer pauses when the Home Remote app is minimized. Further checking shows it gets Suspended when minimized. Home Remote Designer stays active and I haven’t tried Android yet.
I made sure my Home Remote apps can process in the background but the Windows 10 program always goes into Suspend mode.
Is the Windows program designed to do that or maybe something wrong in a setup on my computer?

My tiles would all lose their values when minimized but I’ve got a work around for that by storing the Switch values. When the program is returned to a normal window the onConnect fires again.

I setup an OnConnectCalled variable that increments each time onConnect is called. If this value is >1 then the Switch values are restored and everything just keeps on working like nothing happened.

I would still like to have the program running in background when minimized for my timer functions so if anyone knows how to do that please let me know, or let me know if the program cannot be set to run like that no matter what I do.


The Android, iOS, & Windows apps all behave the same way. When the app is suspended connections are closed. The Home Remote is a UI. It’s not really meant to be used as a service. When it’s not being used the connections are closed.

The values are reset in an effort to force a requery of the values. During the idle downtime when connections are closed it’s quite possible the device’s current states are no longer valid.

I don’t have this issue when I am using the correct suppled Device Source for “Kasa Smart”, it only happens on the Plugin and Tiles I made special for my Kasa devices. In the Tile I have an Event for Loaded that will query the Switch status, otherwise my Tiles never updated until I turned the device on or off. I couldn’t find another way around this. I am using all the other Tile Events as the template Tiles use but couldn’t get them to update when the program started without the Loaded Event.
My other problem was when the window is restored the Event Loaded would not file again. I have multiple tabs so I could select another tab and then return to the original tab and the tiles would update. Storing the Switch values as they were changed or queried works good, I’ll leave that in unless I find the correct way to get the Tiles to update when the window is restored.
I added another button on the Tiles I use to open a timer setup screen for the device. I was just looking for a way to set a simple timer that would run and then perform an action (turn off/on) so at night I could set a light to turn off after a few minutes automatically and give me time to settle in. This all works fine by leaving the app in foreground so no big deal with it.
I am really learning this program and am just throwing anything I think of at it to get better skilled with it. It is an amazing program and the more I dig the more I find it can do. I had tried to use it before but never made much headway and now being retired I can spend time learning it. I tried to find out the history of it, see when it was first released and where it came from.
Thanks for the quick answers.

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Another thing that may be helpful to you is the “HasSubscribers” function.