Homeseer Events tutorial

Does anyone have any guidance on calling HomeSeer Events? I can find only limited references to this and I’d appreciate any direction on how they are used.

HomeSeer events are mapped to the Home Remote’s Scene capability. All of your HomeSeer events should have a Scene attribute. To call an event, add a DataAction that sets the Scene attribute. Any set operation on this will execute the scene, so it doesn’t matter what you provide in the Value field. I’d suggest just leaving it blank.

Thanks for the quick reply. Appreciate the help.

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I wanted to add one comment here. I had hard time to get Homeseer scene triggering to work over MyHS. Device control however worked without issues.

Thanks to Bill’s support, it turned out to be an access issue from Homeseer side. When using MyHS with events, make sure you have configured the same username in the Homeseer setup that you use for remote access in MyHS.

It was not obvious as other control functions worked ok without this.

This thread gives some more detail: