Homeseer HS-LS100+ Water Sensor - Doesn't report status

I have several of the above water sensors. I am able to import them into Home Remote, and the temperature and battery level devices report correctly.

However, the *.HSValue always reports “0” and the *.HSStatus is always “No Status”.

I am testing all of the above values using a Label control.

What you are likely seeing are the values for the parent device & not the actual water sensor. When possible, the Home Remote will attempt to merge all of a root device’s children into a single object. For example, in HomeSeer a thermostat is often composed of 6 child devices; 1 mode device, 2 setpoint devices, 1 temperature device, 1 state device, 1 fan device. Rather than creating a separate device object for each of those functions, it’ll create a single thermostat device. It does the same thing for sensors. But for this to work the app needs to know how to find the child device. This is done by comparing the “device_type” fields in the JSON. I can tell you, there are no handlers for a water sensor in the current version. You will not be able to get the water sensor state from the root object. You will have to create a new device object in Home Remote with the Id set to that of the actual water sensor Id, not the parent Id.

I can certainly add support for this to the next release though. It’s a fairly simple change for me to make. I just need to see your JSON so I know how HomeSeer defines these water sensors in the API. If you could, please open the link below in your web browser & email me the response JSON. Send it to

For the time being, like I said, there is a solution. Copy & paste your current root water sensor device, then update the Id field to match the HomeSeer reference number for the actual water sensor reading device. Also, clear all of the Capabilities on this new object. You’ll only need those 3 attributes; HSValue, HSStatus, & HSLastChange.

Your analysis was correct and your solution to this issue works great. :slight_smile:

I’ve sent you the JSON you requested as well.

I’m impressed by your product so far, and even more impressed with the support that you give. Thanks!

No problem:) Happy to help.

Thanks for the JSON. I’m going through it now & my plan was to add the WaterSensor capability to the root object just like the Battery, & TemperatureMeasurement capabilities. Although I’m not sure that’s going to be possible. It looks like water sensor status is using a generic device type definition that is shared by many other devices. What are the actual reference numbers for the water sensor status just out of curiosity? I only need 1 or 2. I’m guessing either 465 or 466 is one.

Regardless, I’m 99% certain these water sensor state devices are using the generic device type JSON that I’ve copied below. This type description isn’t specific enough for the Home Remote to be able to accurately determine exactly what it is. You’ll likely have to continue using that work around I gave you earlier & access it through its own device object.

      "device_type": {
        "Device_API": 4,
        "Device_API_Description": "Plug-In API",
        "Device_Type": 0,
        "Device_Type_Description": "Plug-In Type 0",
        "Device_SubType": 113,
        "Device_SubType_Description": ""