Homeseer Status Images

Hi guys,

I am looking to display the current status icon of a Homeseer virtual device such that the icon updates based on the value of the device. To do this I setup a virtual device in HS e.g. “current_conditions” who’s value can be set to e.g. 1 = sunny and 2 = cloudy.

After setting up this device, uploading and linking 2 icons representing the 2 status’es in HS, and then syncing designer, the property “current_conditions.icon” now appears in the icon Device Binding dropdown, however no image displays when switching the value back and forth in HS.

If I add the same icon png’s directly in the designer, they display correctly.

I am aware that I could add some triggers etc. based on the device’s value property to change the icon, however I would prefer to simply set the icons in HS and just display the icon representing the current value in THR.

Is there a way to achieve this?



Are you confident that you are using the exact names of the icons, including file extension, if applicable?

If you post your code, I can take a look and see and make sure I’m understanding your request. If I do understand your request correctly, I am doing something similar in one of my projects.

Thanks for your quick reply. In THR I am not referencing a file name but the device binding property “icon” e.g. “current_conditions.icon”. (Similary if I set a text field in the home remote, I could bind it to “current_conditions.HSValue” and the value of the device would display e.g. “1” or “2”).

In this example the HS device name is “GlobalClimacell_Nowcast_60M_Icon”:


and in the HS Device Manager it looks like this:

Any help appreciated.



Ah I think I’m tracking with you. Disclaimer - I’m not very up on HS.

It seems like you’re trying to set an icon name using a variable reference - I do not believe THR supports this at this time from some other testing I have done (but would be intrigued if it did). I believe you will have to do it the way you describe with triggers and conditions. You may also be able to use a web image if there is a URL path to the icon.

The Icon property in the Home Remote is for the local project icon you’ve assigned to the device. It’s not the value from HomeSeer. That icon is not currently linked to the device object. A new HSIcon attribute could probably be added to a future release but at this time it is not supported.

Ok thanks. For now I will add some triggers to control which icons are displayed.

Thanks again,