Homeseer virtual device acting as dimmer slider


I created a virtual device on HS4 with a feature that acts as a dimmer so I could have a simple tile in HomeRemote where I could DIM volume of my Sonos plugin on HS4.

Is there a way to have a Homeseer virtual device to act as a dimmable light in home remote ?

when I set DeviceType to Dimmer together with the dimmer template, the tile does not show the On/Off state and dos not show HSvalue of the HS4 virtual device and when i try pressing three dots and play with ajustable dimmer I have a message "specified method is not supported)

thanks for any help on this

Copy an existing (parent) device that has a dimming control feature in it.
Use the bulk edit feature to copy a device.
When you copy a device it becomes a virtual device.