Honeywell Home T6 more than 1 device

Hi all,
I am trying to add a second Honeywell T6 Thermostat but I cannot get it to work, In the desigtner when adding Honeywell Home I get to choose which devices to add. When selecting both only the first is added.

I tried setting up a second project, adding the second device and copy/past it over to the first project. Then the second thermostat works but the first does not.

Any ideas?

When you right click “Honeywell Home” & select “Synchronize Devices”, are your 2 devices generated?

Hi Bill,

no nothing happens. When there is just 1 device the second is not added.

Would you mind sharing temporary access to your Honeywell account with me so I can troubleshoot?

Yes, I’ll drop you a mail.

It looks like you just needed to check the “Huiskamer” device during authorization. Once I did that, it worked. Try running the sync again.

that’s it!

thanks very much Bill!