How do I reconnect to my SmartThings hub?

Since a few days, the Designer and the App don’t have any access to my SmartThings hub. When I want to synchronize for new devices, it says: “Response status code does not indicate success: 401 (Unauthorized).” I can open a new device source and then connect to my hub, using a Personal Access Token, but then all my things get a new name, that no longer matches with the variables that I used. Is there a way to reconnect to my original device source? If so, how do I do that?

Sounds like you may have deleted your original access token. Yeah, you’ll need a new one but there currently isn’t a good way to update the token in the Designer. I probably need to make the AccessToken property visible so you can edit that. For the time being, there are 2 ways to fix this.

  1. Add a new SmartThings source to the Home Remote. Don’t delete your original. After you add the new one, delete all of the autogenerated device objects, copy your existing ones, then paste them into the new SmartThings source that is using your new token.

  2. Manually update it in the Devices.xml file. The HRP file is just a ZIP file renamed so you can extract the files, edit what you need, then zip it back up again.

The AccessToken in the upcoming release will be editable in the Designer.

Thanks for your quick and complete answer Bill. I more or less went through the process you mention under 1. I first deleted the devices in the current SmartThings source, then created a new SmartThings store with a new access token. That new source had the proper devices names (it didn’t need to add a suffix “1” to distinguish the new devices from the old devices). Finally, I could remove the original source and keep the new one.
I didn’t need to go into the zip file. But thanks for telling me. There’ll for sure be situations where I would want to go into that.