How do you control a Color Wheel via HomeSeer in Home Remote?

I have a Color Wheel in HomeSeer I’m trying to control in Home Remote. In HomeSeer it seems like the values are being stored as integers. Does HomeRemote support integers or does the value need to be converted to hex? Or is it something else I’m missing? Home Remote brings in the DeviceType as “Unknown” but it recognizes the Capabilities as “ColorControl”.

The Home Remote uses HEX attributes for the ColorWheel control. With HomeSeer, the Home Remote should be using the parent ID for the device object & it will automatically find the integer color channels to make a hex value. If the Designer assigned the ColorControl capability then you should be good. Just bind the Color property on the ColorWheel to @Device.Color.

Thanks for the info Bill. I’m a bit confused on how I should setup the Color Wheel to accept the HomeSeer device values.

I thought you do a dataTrigger and bind to the HomeSeer device, then by what I understood from your response, I should do a bind on the Color using: @Device.Color. I get an invalid variable error when I try to test in the emulator. I also tried setting the color value in the DataTrigger but no good.

You shouldn’t use a DataTrigger for this. Are you sure you are doing this in a Template? My guess is that this is on a page that hasn’t been set up for templates. Try using the actual variable name, not @Device. If it works with Diego... then that probably means you haven’t set this XAML page up for templating.

I was not using a template. I had just added it to my project. I had first used just the variable and binded it to color but that didn’t work so I tried your suggestion of the @Device variable. Neither one worked.

@bill can you please help me with this? I would like to use it without a template. I would just like to add the color wheel to my page. I tried linking the color value to the color wheel device in HomeSeer, but it doesn’t seem to change values.

What kind of RGB device is this? Fibaro?


Can you email me a test project with just this ColorWheel page bound to your HomeSeer device? I’d like to go online with it to see why it’s not working.

Sure will do. Much appreciated

@bill project emailed. Thanks!