How to add IP Camera? My camera is Black

I’m new in The Home Remote. Thanks for the help.

I try to add my ipcamera using the ip address, user and password.
App says connection was ok, but when I tap in the icon in dashboard, it only shows a dark screen.

  • I already add this IP Camera in another ip camera app and it works well
  • this Camera works with ICsee app and XMEye

Try using ONVIF plugin available in HR

Thanks for your answer.

I really don’t know how to do it. And I can’t find a tutorial or a topic anywhere teaching how to do it.
Could you please, helpe me?

In the builder, right click devices, hover over add device source, and then left click onvif. Let me know if it works.

In computer the designer app don’t find camera (maybe because computer is in another router in same lan, I think)
Using this same plugin in android app it founds a NVT ip address on my camera.
After save it. Nothing happens.


In designer

I put my HTTP address manually on ONVIF plug-in.

add it. Without issues.

I put the 3 buttons on home group

When I push start, than click in any buttons (mainstream, snapstream and substrean) dark screen with this message “any suitable track is not found”