How to configure Media Element to stream IPcamera?

Good afternoon, Bill.
I have a basic question.
How do I set up a media element to stream my Ip camera?
I first tested the RTSP command of the camera through the VLC program. After that, I added my IP camera to the “Home Remote Designer” devices. Finally I added a media element to a page already created and just clicked on source and in “device binding” I put I wonder if there are any other configurations to be done?
Thank you

That should be all you have to do. When you start the simulator it’ll prompt you to install FFmpeg if you haven’t already.

Were you able to get this working?

It was just recently brought to my attention that those files may not have been available to download a few days ago. I just published an update which updates the link. Try again whenever you get the chance.

I setup a few cameras 2 days ago and the files were available in the expected location.