How to create a variable size selectable list. Mediabrowser?

Dear experts!

I have a fairly well developed implementation for control of heating/lighting etc communicating with node red via mqtt. I have my own mqtt plugin based on the standard example. I’m fairly au fait with home remote in general terms but keep coming across huge gaps in my understanding!

I am struggling at the next stage which is configuring items such as a selectable list of included items.

One such use case is node red event timers. In NR I have event timers that each have one or more lists of items that can be included. The lists have anything from 6 - 100 or more items that can be selected/displayed. Multiple items can be selected. The event timers are custom devices known to home remote. I can add any capabilities needed and create custom tiles.

I suspect one method is mediabrowser but I can’t find any examples of how to set this up.
I have also searched for examples of gridview but not found anything that helps yet.

Ideally, Node red would send an mqtt message which contains an array of objects that can be chosen from. This list may contain anywhere from half a dozen to a 100 or more objects. HR would be able to display a scrollable list of these items with some method of ticking or toggling the selection that is included. The chosen subset is typically quite small - from 1 - a half dozen picked from the total list.

My thought is to create a details tile that is generic and can be reused for any task that needs a set of items to be picked from.

Where do I start? Examples of similar processes such as listing media tracks would be useful.

Many thanks in anticipation.