How to use the Homey MQTT script? No one there?

Since a few weeks I have a Homey and I’ve started to add connections to it @TheHomeRemote.
It took some time and effort and the MQTT Explorer, but I got it working:

To avoid an enormous list of items I want to use the Homey MQTT script. But I have no clue what to fill in for the EventTriggers and DataTriggers. If I change the Device Type and Capabilities from Switch to Scene, I can turn on or off lights using the code in below picture (I’ve edited the original code so it makes more sense to me).

So my question is, how to use the original Homey script in the Event- and DataTriggers. What to fill in at Binding and Value to (for instance) switch a light on or off.


After three weeks a little hint that i’m still trying to find an answer…