How to work with groups

I am looking for a short introduction how to work with groups. My goal is to have e.g. a group of lights which I can turn on and of with a toggle switch. It’s for sure a beginner question but I don’t really know how to implement this with the groups. Can some of you give me a short introduction or a link where I can learn it?

Home Remote Groups do not support commands yet. There are plans to add that but it hasn’t been implemented yet. It’s still possible to turn multiple lights on & off at once, but you’ll have to manually add DataActions for each.

What kind of lights are these?

Philips Hue, LIFX, Osram Lightify, Wemo, Wink, & Zipato all have their own grouping mechanisms. The Home Remote imports those & treats each one as a single device so you can very easily send just a single command.

Hi Bill, thank you,
I use the Fibaro HC2 with different lights, also some from HUE. I wil try to use a singel toggle switch with triggers for each device. Hope it works.