Hubitat Roller Shades don't stop

I have linked the Vera and the Hubitat both in the Home Remote app.

A roller shutter in Vera works with the controls of the Home Remote. Goes up, stop and down.
But when I send a roller shutter of the Hubitat in the Home Remote it goes wrong. Up and down works. But don’t stop. Then I get the error message: “Device not found or not authorized to send that command”

Hubitat doesn’t have a stop/pause command listed in their docs for the WindowShade capability. SmartThings uses “pause” for their WindowShade capability so the Home Remote is assuming Hubitat uses the same.

Can you please post a screenshot of the device page in the Hubitat web portal?

It should look similar to the screenshot I have below.

Thanks. It appears that they are using “stop” & not “pause”. Their capabilities usually match SmartThings so that’s why I assumed they were using “pause”. I’ll fix this in the next release

Thanks for the quick response.

When will it be released?

I’m hoping to publish the update to the stores by the end of the day today. But then Apple, Google, & Microsoft still have to approve the updates before they can go live. Sometimes that only takes a few hours & sometimes it takes a few days. So I can’t tell you for sure. I’ll try & report back here once it’s available.

I am very impressed how quickly you respond.

And the app is very beautiful and practical.

Thank you

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The Roller Shade works now.

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