Icon Pack Help Please

I bought an icon pack. The icons are in a .psd form. I have access to Photoshop elements and Gimp. Can anyone share how I can export the icons from the .psd. I have found one way using full blown photoshop. I have not had any luck with finding the procedure using either photoshop elements or gimp. I would greatly appreciate any help!!!


Hi Bill,
open in Photoshop the Icon.psd and then go to file->save as → png.


You can also do a google-search for “online PSD to PNG converter”

I hope this will help you

Unfortunately this procedure (using photoshop elements) produces 1 png. This is an icon pack in 1 psd. Here is what it looks like

I think the psd contain a lot of layers. So each layer is a icon.

The easiest way is to download Photoshop CS2 for free and install it. This version includes the Adobe ImageReady programm. When you open the PSD file with ImageReady, select export → export layers to files.
There you can choose in which folder and in which format (PNG) the icons will be saved.

Photoshop CS is 15 years old but still good.


Thank you for taking the time to help!

No problem, you welcome :wink:

If you have any problems with the conversion, you can send me the file and I will convert it for you.


Try using gimp. It’s a free open source version of photoshop. It should be able to read the psd files.