Image button replaced by scale button

I have just started using The Home Remote and I’m have a great time with it. My device is a hubitat and was trying to make some small changes to the items it preloaded. Just trying to learn the designer. When I was all done and saved it then loaded it into iPhone things worked great except for one thing, when I went to change the background image in settings it was replaced with Scale instead. Could someone explain why it changed and how to fix it. Thanks in advance.


That option is only available for in-app generated layouts. The Background Image button is removed for projects created with the Designer.

If you would like to change the Background image for Designer projects, you have to use the BackgroundImage property on the XAML page.

Hello Bill, and thank you very much for your speedy reply and pointing out where to make the change I was looking for. Again 2 great apps, thank you.


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