Inovelli Fan device control

Good day, I have a Inovelli LZW36 | Fan & Light Switch, the driver has two ways to control the fan speed: Fanlevel and FanSpeed. I want to use the Fan Speed. The levels are way off 33 is low but it really is 15 and 66 is medium and not and High is 100. I have it working with this but it bothers me I can’t use fanSpeed. I have used it on the hubitat device diver page and it functions and the API maker and it works there just not available with HR? HR says variable not found, I was wondering if it was not part of the fan capabilities or I’m all wrong about trying to use this capability.

Thanks in advance, Dan

The FanSpeed capability is not currently supported for the Hubitat integration so you’ll have to use the SwitchLevel capability. And your Level issue doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. There is no special mapping going on here. If you set the “Level” to 15 the Home Remote will send 15.

Hey Bill thanks for the response, sorry I miss lead you on mapping HR is doing it right it is on the driver side with Inovelli, HR is rock solid there.


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