Instant messaging

Can HR interact with any kind of instant messaging generator (whatsapp, telegram, google hangouts,node-red, slack, etc) and display the content immediately on screen?

A workaround could be to have the message stored somewhere else, and do frequent polls or refreshes, but was wondering if it can be done without an external server and without the delay and traffic overhead of constant polling.


No. You’d have to handle that on your own with a Plugin. Or perhaps the WebBrowser control if there’s a web address that can display that information.

Does anyone know how to have message from Telegram displayed in HR ?

My HA system Vera sends alert notifications to Telegram, would like to have a tile in HR that displays these alerts etc.

I followed these instructions here on the Vera forum to have Vera send alert messages to Telegram

You are going to need a Plugin. The 1st thing you are going to need to do is find the API URL that returns the data you’d like to see. Then work on writing your plugin. There are several examples here in the forum that can help get you started. I’d say, maybe look at the Fibaro Global Variables example first. That’s probably the most straightforward.

Telegram have two new web apps.

The webz one of them looks like this:

Would there be anyway just to embed the messages portion of the web app in to a Home Remote page and lose all the surrounding stuff ?

Or is a plugin the only way to go ?

They have an API page here but its a bit beyond me I think

They also have Telegram widgets for embedding in to web pages, which sounded idea, however it appears to only work with Public channels, which obviously mine is not.


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You’d probably have to check with the folks that developed that web app to see if that can be extracted. Maybe the have some sort of widget for only the messages section.

If they have an API you could probably write a plugin. You’ll need to have a good understanding of JavaScript & about how their API works. I do write plugins to myself in case you are interested. I usually charge a few hundred dollars depending on the complexity. That’s typically my fee for fairly simple unauthenticated AV devices.