Insteon Thermostat State

It does not look like the Insteon Thermostat currently supports ThermostatOperatingState capabilities. Is this something in development or just not available? I know the app can indicate when it is either cooling or heating so I’m guessing it might be possible?

You say the Insteon Hub 2 Model 2245 supports thermostat operating state?

It’s not listed as an option in their docs.

I don’t own one but I have connected to one in the past & I didn’t see anything regarding operating state. Maybe this is something they just recently added. I saved the response data from the status request & here’s what it looks like:


I am currently away from my home but will be back in a few days. I can get you the model and version number I have for the Hub and Thermostat or any additional info you need/want. Both were purchased about 5-6 years ago.