Integra AVR help?

I wonder if anyone can help me with the setup/integration of my new Integra DRX 3.4 AVR?
I have added the Integra as a device via the THR Devices menu and the unit connects and works.

However, the available/exposed controls in the THR implementation seem to be minimal - I’d ideally like more granular control (and feedback) of information (via labels/images) for things like codecs, bitrate, speaker volumes/outputs and modes (FR, FL, LFE, Dolby Atmos, etc.)

For example: Each time I press the ‘Info’ button on the Integra remote, it cycles through the currently-playing information (Input/source, codec, bitrate, etc). I have this button setup in THR and it works (cycling the info on the AVR unit). However, I cannot get the resulting output to display in a THR label - there is no Info binding available when I go to select it (see image…)

There are other Integra remote buttons that control the db ‘Tone’ of: Bass, Treble and Vocal. However, in THR there are only Bass and Treble bindings, so I’d like to add the Vocal option too.

So, you get the idea - without going any further on more advanced controls, can anyone help with the Integra integration? Maybe I’m missing something very simple here - or maybe it needs a bespoke plugin. The Integra AVR is in the same stable as Onkyo and Pioneer (and from what I’ve researched, they all use the same/similar control system) so if anyone has any info/help (or plugins!) to chime in with that might be relevant it would be much appreciated too.

Thanks in advance,

You’re not missing anything. I wanted the same things you are asking for with my Denon AVR so I had to create my own plugin to get those things.

Thanks for your input Greg. I’ve been searching the forums but can’t find an Onkyo/Pioneer plugin that I could look through and attempt to cannibalise. If I can find something basic that just connects with only one working command that would probably be enough for me to work on.

I’ve seen the Denon plugins on other posts here and tried to strip one down to the bare bones for the Integra but it won’t even connect - such is my lack of any code/JS ability. I’ll probably just have to look elsewhere for remote options, which is a shame with how well the MCEC plugin controls my PC.

I think it speaks a dfferent language than the Denon does. If it’s the same as Pioneer, I sussed out a few commands for my Pioneer a few years ago and it was NOT fun. Very complicated. Yeah I feel your pain, I ended up going with Denon receivers because of their programming ability.

Yeah, I know the Onkyo/Integra stuff is totally different but was hoping someone had even the most basic implementation somewhere out there.
I’ve managed to glean the full Integra eISCP control list and found an old java-based app which can apparently control the unit in (almost) its entirety. Migrating this into a working THR javascript plugin is very much another matter!

As a long shot, I don’t suppose you still have any of your old Pioneer plugin stuff that you wouldn’t mind sharing to point me in the right direction??


Well, my Pioneer integration is in my ISY. I was never able to convert it to HR. I’ve attached the screenshot but I don’t think you’ll be able to do anything with it. Send me the stuff you have, the control list and the app code and I’ll see if I can do anything with it (doubtful, but I’ll try). I attached an email I had with Bill in 2019 in case it helps you, but it was before we had the ability to add our own plugins and there was a device called “TCP” that you could add, but that doesn’t exist anymore.

I don’t know if this is going backwards but it’s better than nothing…here’s a copy of an hrp with a Denon TCP device. You can copy and paste it to your project so you can play around with it.
TCPdevice.hrp (130.0 KB)

Thanks for the info Greg. I appreciate you rooting around to find anything you can to help.
Thanks for the hrp file for testing - unfortunately I don’t have a Denon device to attach and test. Your ISY image confirms my other gathered info - port, 26 byte binary, etc. Interesting that the encoding input can be bypassed (as per Bill’s email) and byte data used instead - this may come in handy.

Thanks for the offer but it’s pointless me wasting your time as well as my own at this point. :smile:
I’ve been gathering all the info for the device, protocol and looking at other java-based plugins, etc - I’ll likely get a chance to start looking at it all properly in the next week or two. If I get anywhere progress-wise I’ll give you a shout for some help or suggestions.


What I meant was for you to take the tcp device and use it to create for the integra. Remove the denon protocol and change it to integra and see if you can get it to work.

Ah! I didn’t expand the Denon device in the file as I thought it needed a plugin. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
I see the device protocol and commands inside - very cool. I’m stowed with work atm so I’ll hopefully get a chance next week to patch in the Integra stuff and see if I get anywhere.
I’ll let you know. :+1: