Integration request: Digital Mixer Behringer XR18

Dear, we have a multi-room system in a restaurant managed by a Behringer XAIR XR18 mixer. To control this mixer we use a dedicated application to control the audio in these spaces (XAir). Is it possible to develop a plugin or driver so that we can control this mixer through The Home Remote app?

Our idea is to integrate the sound system with the ambient lighting.


Maybe. This is the only documentation I found in regards to a Behringer control protocol. It seems to be for the X32, not XR18. Although it’s possible the XR18 uses the same protocol. I’m not sure.

maybe that can help

How much would it cost to develop?

I don’t know if I want to take this on or not. In the past, the cost for custom plugin development usually is in the $300-$500 USD range. But this here, there’s a lot of information & no clear command reference. I think it could end up being at least $1000 USD, possibly more. Not to mention, I’ll need access to a unit to test.

I control a Soundcraft mixer through Home Remote and came across a lot of the Behringer projects when I was trying to write a plugin for the Soundcraft. I think this is for your model:

This python project specifically mentions the XR18

I don’t know if this is useful for anyone but feel free to check it out.

Currently tested on MR18 but should work fine on XR18

onyx-and-iris/xair-api-python: Remote control Behringer X-Air XR18 | Midas MR18 Mixers through OSC (

There is no GUI element to this package but could be used for creating one.

New here and just ran across this post. I’m the developer (ported from X32) of the XAirUtilities posted above. The XR/MR18 uses the OSC (Open Source Control) protocol. The easiest way to integrate it with THM is to utilize the XAirRemote utility to create a man-in-the-middle connection between the mixer and THM. This way all THM has to do is send and receive simple OSC (UDP) messages to/from XAirRemote.

Feel free to ask questions. I’d be happy to help.