IP Camera Details

Hi Bill
I’m trying to put my camera image in landscape mode to maximize it in IPCameraDetails page. But when I set the rotation equal to 90° in the MediaElement layout, the image is cropped (picture1). The real image is shown in picture2 (0° rotation).
I tried to set the image “stretch to uniform” and “uniform to fill” with no success.
I tried the same thing in the RPSP_Test.hrp you provided and the same problem is happening.
Am I doing something wrong?

Why don’t you just rotate your phone & let the app handle it automatically? That’s the easiest & the best thing to do. Just look at the IPCameraDetails.xaml file. That works great in both Portrait & Landscape.

Rotation is really a bit tricky & definitely has its quirks, regardless of the control you are working with. For one, you usually have to define an absolute size. That & you need to just test & adjust size & margins as necessary. Again, probably isn’t going to be easy. That’s why I really recommend just letting the app handle it for you automatically.