IP camera set up problem

I am a new user and I am having some trouble configuring my ip camera. My camera is already installed as a device in HR. I used the same address I use to access it in Onvif Device Manager (rtsp: // 554)

What type of control should I use to display the camera’s image? Media element?
Please also tell me what information should I enter in:

  • triggers
  • linking (mycam.Sream? mycam.Capabilities? …)
    etc …
    I have tried different ways, but only a black image appears on the screen.
    Thank you

I would not try to build a custom template yet. First verify this camera works with the prebuilt templates. Add your camera, then add it to the HomeGroup & start the simulator. Once you start the simulator it should prompt you to download FFMPEG libraries. Install those & then restart the simulator. After you verify this works, then I can help you build a custom template.

thanks bill, I installed FFMPEG libraries on c:/ffmpeg folder but it is not so clear to me.
Is there any document or video explaining how to use the pre built templates?
I am a begginer user and I don’t know if my camera is not being recognized or if I’m doing something wrong.

After you installed FFMPEG, do you still see the prompt after you start the simulator?

If you no longer see the prompt, then you’re all good. If you still seeing the prompt then you installed it in the wrong location

Are you sure that’s the correct link? It doesn’t look complete to me. Have you tested it in VLC?

For RTSP, be sure to test your URL in VLC. If it doesn’t work in there, it’s definitely will not work in Home Remote if it doesn’t work in VLC.

Have you tried HTTP snapshot & MJPEG links instead?

I bet your camera provides those links as well. You do not have to use RTSP. Standard JPEG & MJPEG also work.

You don’t really have to do anything special. It sounds to me like your camera stream may not be supported. There’s really no simpler way to explain it because it’s really only 3 simple steps:

#1 - Add your camera
#2 - Add it to a group
#3 - Start the simulator


Solved, thank you very much!