IPCamera - Media Element, refresh or reconnect

Is it possible to make a refresh / reconnect to a security camera?
To explain it what I am trying to do is…

I have a front door cam from Doorbird that is working fine as IPcamera with MediaElement and the camera is in live stream for about 1 hour than the it stopped and the image freezes, I can get it back in live feed if I change page and go back to the page where this element is in, and that works for about 1 hour. it looks like the Doorbird is hanging up the connection after X amount of time, so is it possible to make a reconnect after X time or request a new stream after x time.

The MediaElement control has a Refresh method you can call. Instead of switching pages you can create your own Refresh button.

There isn’t anyway to automatically refresh every X amount of time.

What type of a stream is this?

MJPEG & JPEG streaming will reconnect if there is an error. So if your camera goes offline & comes back online the stream should automatically resume.

Refresh button sounds ok.

The camera address is /axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi and Video URI is cgi-bin/cgistream.cgi?cmd=getmjstream

Those are MJPEG URLs. I’m not sure why it would freeze like that. For the time being, just use a refresh button. That will allow you to immediately reconnect the stream.