iPhone app storage problem

I was checking my iPhone 8’s storage and realized that The Home Remote app was using more than 550 MB. I decided to delete the app and install it again, then I open an project in it, now the storage used by the app is only 72,8 MB. I think that the app is accumulating projects in its internal memory. Maybe you could fix this please. Thanks

Every time you load a project it wipes out the previous project. Your files are all extracted to the same location so it isn’t even possible to retain the previous files. The new project wouldn’t load if it couldn’t delete the old files. Something else is triggering that.

Thanks Bill. If you come to know the solution, let us know please

Send me your file & include steps needed to recreate the issue.

KenioNovo.hrp (1.1 MB) I’m not shure if the problem is with this project

I’ve loaded this file about a dozen times on my iPad & I’m stuck at around 118 MB.

I’ll try to recreate the problem and let you know