Is 'free' page switching possible?

How do I switch from pages?
I Use in the Collection Editor
Type: MethodAction
TargetName: App
Method PushPage
Parameters: ZiggoNext.xaml
Afterwards I throw in another MethodAction with a Refresh

And that works fine, but if I want to switch from that page to another it doesn’t work.
PopToRoot brings me back, but I want to be able to switch freely from pages.
I’m not to fond of the top-left menu. A few buttons would be much easier.

Is such possible and how?


In the tutorial videos I show an example of how to bypass the built-in navigational elements.
From there, you can use “GoToPage” as the Method. It isn’t in the dropdown but it should work.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of navigating around via pages - check out the page browser as a better alternative.

Thanks Brian, that GoToPage trick works great even in the current state of my project!
Which of your video’s shows this bypassing?

My apologies. In hindsight I think Bill and I discussed the removal of navigational elements piece and decided it was best not to route new users down that rabbit hole. The navigation stack is actually a piece of the “groups” functionality. Turning that off on whatever you’re using as your main page will remove the default navigational elements entirely.

Thanks Brian! ‘ticket’ closed!

One more question, how do i post pictures in my posts? There’s no option for that in this forum.

I’m able to just copy and paste directly off my windows clipboard into this reply box.

  • Win 10
  • Chorme

Ok, thanks, will try that next time.