Is this project dead?

i see the web site show last update In 2021?

No, not dead at all. Still does everything I need and more. Dive in and try it. Great support group in this community.

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Despite the best intentions, we haven’t even seen any bug or usability updates, and while a number of us are trying to keep the community support going, there’s only so much we can do.

Like Ron said, the software is still very usable, though. It just sometimes takes a little ingenuity to work around its limitations.


Thanks for letting us know, Bill. I think this is awesome software. Very powerful. Can be as powerful as anyone would want I’d imagine. Switched over from iRule and have invested about 60 hours in my current setup with THR so hoping it stays around a while. Thanks for all the great support!

thanks,this is a very awesom soft,i learn how to use it