IsSatusBarVisible Bug

Hey Bill, for my MainPage.xaml I have set IsStatusBarVisible to disabled, and it wont show on the first tab of my page as expected. If I go to any of the next tabs the status bar becomes visible again, sometimes even causes a crash on iPadOS. This is true for both iOS and Android Versions of the app.

It works fine for me on both Android & iOS. Please review the attached project.
Status_BarTest.hrp (129.4 KB)

Status_BarTest.hrp (129.4 KB)

I added another tab, when you switch between the first “Home” tab to the newly added “Test” tab you will see the status bar reappear

OK. With multiple tabs, the iOS app is not hiding the status bar as it should. It also triggers a crash when swiping.

Android however is working perfectly fine. I think this is only an issue with the iOS app.

This is also the case with Fire OS. It doesn’t crash but the status bar will reappear.

Hi Bill, this issue was fixed for Android but with iOS the app crashes when the status bar re-appears

Hi @bill will this issue be fixed in a future release, otherwise I will just keep the status bar enabled for my iOS devices :slight_smile:

I haven’t had the chance to work on this yet. I’ll try to look at it this week.

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