Just getting setup

Hello everyone. Just downloaded the app and it looks pretty good. I am trying to setup my Kodi and Denon receiver. Taking me a while to get everything setup and not having much success. Just curious if there is a place where people have published there work. Just looking for some help and possibly ideas. Thank you

Probably the easiest way to implement a Kodi GUI into Home Remote is to call in Kodis web interface. It really is not going to work on a phone though. It would only be a solution for tablets. The following link demonstrates my project and towards the end of the demo it touches on kodi. There is also a Kodi plug in which can be used in lieu of the web interface and probably could be a solution for a phone… There are also other users projects under showcase.

Head to the tutorial section. Lots of good videos.

Recognize there are really two ways to use THR. You can use the default and add devices, or you can start from scratch and build a complete GUI.

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