Just started and already have two issues

I have an Apple phone and added Home, two rooms with a total of 7 devices.
Issue 1) I can’t figure out how to remove devices from a room.
Issue 2) The RF learning doesn’t seem to want to learn. I entered 433.92 MHZ and then held "any button for up to 30 seconds as instructed. It “learned” that. Then when I try to add any button (up, down, or stop) it won’t learn them. I have had the RM pro 4 since 2022 and am just starting to learn it now.

Hi Cyborg,
to remove a device from your room in the home folder, right-click on the device and select " Delete".
For your second problem, I have no idea as I don’t understand exactly what you are trying to do with HomeRemote.


I was trying to use it to design a remote GUI but it looks like it doesn’t support Broadlink. I am going to try the Raspberry PI Assistant next.

I really hope you don’t mind my asking you some more questions.

  1. When you use the remote: learn command to learn an IR/RF code on the RM4 PRO and then use the Remote: Send command does the send code automatically send to my other RM mini blasters?
  2. For one of my units (Storm Audio Processor) I don’t have the remote but I do have all the discrete IR codes but no where (internet or even youtube) can I find an explanation of how to enter them on a device that has no brand name under integration.
  3. I learned a IR code on my RM 4 Pro but when I try to test the command using the Remote: Send Command it doesn’t turn the device on. I am testing one code at a time. The IR code was learned on the RM4 Pro but the Min blaster is near the actual unit in another room.
    Any help, if you have the time, would be appreciated.

Hi Jeffery,
unfortunately I can’t help you with the RM4 Pro device as I don’t own one myself.
I built one myself a long time ago, but it works locally. It can also read IR/RF raw codes, which means it can read pretty much any code that is in the frequency range.
I know that doesn’t help you at the moment - but maybe I still have enough parts to build one (but without a housing)