Kodi GridView Based Plugin

Hi Bill/HR Experts,

Im updating the plgin for Kodi to share with the group. I have made the thumbnails based on gridview (as recommended by Bill). I have a question, if I populate the gridview with TV Shows in my plugin and select the first TV show, then automatically the first season remains “selected” so i then cant continue to the episodes, equally if I select TV show 2 - season 2 remains selected… If I select a show that has no equivalent season its OK as it cant select that season as it doesn’t exist in the reference array.

Ive tried various things but cant see how to avoid it.

Kodi_Array_JW4 (1).hrp (25.7 KB)

In your plugin, reset your Movies.Selection attribute to -1 or something like that in onChangeRequest. You are currently just forwarding the value into this attribute so it’s not going to reset anything.

kodiMovies.Selection = value;
kodiMovies.Selection = -1;

Thanks Bill - I tried kodiMovies.Selection = “” so I was close :grinning: