Lancer Appli android

J’aimerais pouvoir lancer une application android, genre OneNotes, depuis l’application HRD de la tablette.
Je sais lancer l’url d’un site, mais comment faire pour une application ?


To launch OneNote on Android you will need this URL:


If you need to launch another app, just replace the PACKAGE_NAME:


Microsoft Remote Desktop has been updated to version and I think the new package_name is “” but when I set the OpenUri parameter to “intent://#Intent;;end” I get an error saying that the package is not installed. Am I doing something wrong?
Many thanks!

It’s working for me on my Galaxy S9.

Here’s the project I tested:
RemoteDesktop.hrp (7.9 KB)

Here’s the app I installed (try reinstalling it):


It is very strange, I am using exactly the same “intent” as you. I uninstalled RD, closed the phone, and reinstalled RD and the problem persists, also with your project as shown below?

Is there a way to clean a previous installation besides uninstalling the App? Maybe a wrong path is recorded in Android from before?
Many thanks!

I have tried a Samsung Galaxy S9 and a Samsung TabA SM-T580 and the intent to open Remote Desktop version 10 works well on these. The problem is with the new Galaxy S21, the intent does not work. Does anybody else have experienced this problem?
Many thanks!

Looks like this was a change in Android 11. They now want us to specify which apps we’d like to access in our manifest. Not sure how I want to handle this.

Ufff, ok I was suspecting that either my phone was corrupted or something must have been changed in Android or Samsung…

Bill have you determined any work around for how to get the OpenURI() function to work on Android 11 after they changed things on this version? Thanks.

I know the intents that specify the package name are not going to work on Android 11. It’s possible some apps maybe can be opened from standard URI’s like on iOS nflx://. If that doesn’t work then you’ll probably have to resort to if Google to find an answer because I’m not aware of any work around.

Bill, is there a solution to open, for example, remote desktop in Android? Or the problem still persists?
Thank you very much!

Nothing’s changed as far as I know.

Hello Bill, what is the situation now? And is it any other solution to run Android app from the Home Remote?

That’s great, I was wondering why this was no longer working on my newer Android 11 phone.

No work around then yet ?

Does this mean there must be a change in the Home Remote app? Are you planning something like this?