Launching apps on multiple Roku's with the plugin

Hello, Looking for some assistance. I am using 2 Rokus in my system. I am using the Roku plug-in and I am able to control the Rokus independently, but as soon as I try to Launch an app it tells me “App is null”. If I delete the second Roku the command works as it should. Any help would be appreciated!


If you want to send me your project, I can take a look at it. I’m not sure why the Roku plugin would trigger that error. Send it to

The device Id’s are invalid. It looks like you changed them from Roku to Roku1 & Roku2. They need to be Roku. I’m only talking about the “Id” property. The Name properties you should keep as Roku1 & Roku2. If you change the Id properties back to Roku like they were originally, it should work.

Yup that solved my problem! Not sure why I even changed that! all is working as it should. thank you!

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