LED Light Strips

Hi, everyone. I would like to add upward lighting in my theater room with LED light strips. I noticed someone on here was able to get the TP-Link Kasa light strips working with THR, but any ideas on other brands? I’m looking at the Govee brand light strips. They are wifi controlled via an app and/or work with Alexa and Google Assistant. Here’s a link to the lights:

I wouldn’t mind using the Kasa strips, but they don’t seem to come in lengths greater than 16 feet.
Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

I use the zooz RGBW controller which works well (my hub is HomeSeer). You would just need a power supply. If you are running 16.6 ft or less you can use a 12volt power supply. If you are running 33.2 ft - 16.6 ft of leds then you will need a 24 volt power supply. I just wired up my son’s room with leds and it works great. To add, I setup an RGBGenie zwave controller for him (it only works by direct association).

As for the RGB strips, any 5050 style strips will work. I used: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07G5CJ1LY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

This one is 24 volt but I used their 12 volt variety as well. I would recommend a 5050 style led strip because you will get a descreet white only led and an led that will mix colors (RGBW), that way you will more easily be able to achieve white.


Im also thiking about the Govee strips that had a public api that looks like it will work via a plugin - which did you opt for? I think the ones you have in the image sdo upport the api though - uk link below :


Look on Alibaba. I can send link if you want.

Same as govee light. Govee is rebrand.


I already purchased form Govee - what is the alibabba name? I got model 6144 for use with the open api.


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I dont have any model number. The govee lights is reprogrammed tuya lights. I bought this ones: Msmart Smart Remote Control Support Voice Control Multi-color Tuya Smart Wifi Rgbic Led Strip - Buy Wifi Rgbic Led Strip,Tuya Smart Led Strip,Wifi Rgbic Led Strip Product on Alibaba.com

You could also buy rgbic tuya controller and connect to your govee lights.

I created a plug-in already for the govee and it works as I wanted so it happy. They are less expensive direct from China but not sure if they have open api? Looks like tuya have a cloud iot system from what I can see.


U can use their cloud system.
Tuya lights Are cheaper too. 35$ for 20 meter led strip rgbic. With premium shipping (TNT)