LG TV Picture Mode selecting

Hi All
On my LG TV (2020 55" CX OLED) it has different picture modes, some of which I’ve tweaked to my liking for different viewing options, now I’m wondering if there are commands available that will set it to a specific choice (it has Mode’s like ‘Vivid’, ‘Standard’, ‘Aps’, ‘Cinema’, ‘Game’ and so on, about 9 in total).
I’ve set up a sequence of commands that will step it right or left, but if you want to go, say, 3 or 4 across, it gets tedious and I find myself going it manually.
There’s nothing in the IR codes, (within Home Remote or from the GC page) and I can’t find if there’s anything via LAN or some other way that will allow me to jump straight to a different mode.
Just wondering if this is possible or I just need to get used to it as it is?

You can’t set the picture mode with The Home Remote’s webOS TV integration. I don’t know if there’s an IR code out there for this.