LgSmartTV breaks on a 2020 LG-CX 4.50.50

After firmware updating, LgSmartTV integration seems to have broken. Can turn the TV on through the app, but nothing else. Can’t re-add it on the app or designer. There’s the similar thread with newer LG OLED TVs having issues, but I didn’t see a definitive solution.

Search out port 3000 and 3001. THR connects through port 3000, LG has put a clamp down on it, so only 3001 is open. I had to go the global cache route until Bill has a chance to get to it.

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Ah, shame. Thanks for replying definitively. I wonder if it’ll be patchable. I see some RS232 workarounds but it was so nice to have just work over IP instead of diving into RS232.

App has been amazing otherwise. I use it just as a remote that I can share around to family members in the house and do IP / IR control.

I’ve been able to get some basic commands working over rs232 with a custom plugin. Once I refine it a bit more maybe I’ll post it.

Side note the serial->minijack and null modem adapter combo posted elsewhere on this forum are the correct combo. Other forums posting LG service dongles with three rings on the minijack are, for my LG CX, unnecessary.

There’s also some specific settings on the Global Cache rs232 controller that were necessary.

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I guess we all avoid updating our LG software -or is it linked by model at the moment?

I’d hold off updating. And disable auto update.

It,s for the moment depending om model. My LG C8 is working , but the new LG G3 has stopped working except command “PowerOn”
I am now going the IR road.

@bill was going to do an update over the summer for port 3001. I imagine he’s got a lot in his plate, so the global cache Wi-Fi to serial is the best bet for now. TBO the only thing that sucks is I still need the LG remote for Netflix.

Agree on holding off on LG update. If I had known, I would have. Not sure I can turn off auto update nags, however.

I still haven’t found a way to get current TV state via rs232, so it’ll always be limited. I’m using very boilerplate plugin code, but I’ll still try to post it eventually. I mostly needed it for power off, menu buttons, input select. I splice in the old device for the still-working WOL packet.

There is a WOL plugin out in the forum. Else I can send to you.

I hope Bill can update this… mine is down too now. Such a shame. Help Bill :slight_smile:

I have a LG OLED55E97LA (2019) with Software Version 05.30.40 and the LG-Plugin still works.

The plugin works on older LG. It works on my C8 but stop working on my G3, when LG push out an update.
I am now using IR on the G3 and it works fine but with no feedback :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Maybe you have luck and can find on the LG Website an older Firmware file to downgrade your TV with a USB-Stick.

I will keep the IR integration as LG new interface, makes it very smooth to navigate. Just one screen to work with TV, Apple TV and Sonos.